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My First Mood Theme!

Phew! 132 images takes longer than you'd think.

Okay, so my first mood theme is of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, completely created with the caps from teh_indy who gets high marks.


| chipper | curious | distressed | optimistic |

These instructions were snatched from moodtheme:

01. Download the zip file.
02. Upload the CONTENTS of the zip file (extracted images) to your own server.
03. Go to the LJ Admin Console (This will open the link in a new browser.)
04. Type: moodtheme_create "title" "description" (Make sure to use quotation marks!)
05. Click Execute.
06. You should see this: Success. Your new moodthemeid is it will give you a number here
07. Write down the number.
08. Open the installation code to your mood theme in Notepad or Microsoft Word. (I have included this code as a text file in the zip file.)
09. Press CTRL+H (or whatever button you push) to replace text.
10. Replace current theme numbers with the theme number LJ gave you.
11. Replace the URL with the URL you uploaded the theme to. (Do not change the name of the files, or the file sizes.)
12. Go back to the Admin Console.
13. Copy/Paste your new installation code into the box and press Execute.
14. Scroll down and check the installation. If something is in red, look back over your code and make sure you put in the correct information, or that you didn't leave any extra spaces in the URL. Execute again.
15. Go to Modify Journal.
16. Select your new mood theme from the drop-down list. (It will be at the bottom.)

- Huge thanks to teh_indy for the caps.
- Hotlink and die!
- If you're having problems with the zip file, let me know.
- If you do use this mood theme, give me credit for creating it, but I think it would be appropriate to give teh_indy credit for the caps.
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